Broadcast your creations

Brefore you start

To broadcast your music and sound creations on Radio Québec International (RQI), you will need to :

■ Consult the «Read Me First» document
■ Download and fill in your «Presentation form»
■ Consult the «Portal Help» file
■ Sign up to the «RQI Portal»

A few details

■ The «READ ME FIRST» document will provide you information on the technical specifications of the types of "Audio Files" and "Image Files" accepted and will provide you with examples to properly complete your "Presentation Form".
■ The «Portal Help» document will provide you with the details needed to complete your online registration, as well as a step-by-step guide to the Portal's graphical and functionnal environment so you can easily upload all your files.

And Finally...

■ You must read and accept the «TERMS OF SERVICE» of the RQI Portal before signing up.
■ Be sure to write down your User Name and Password to access the Portal immediately.

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Presentation Form
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Portal Help
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RQI Portal
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