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  • Correspondance
    • Q1: Why does RQI communicate using different e-mail addresses?
      RQI uses different email addresses for the following reasons:

      1. A public address visible on this site is used primarily for incoming mail.

      2. Since the major email providers (Outlook, Gmail) block or view private addresses as suspicious (spam), RQI will ideally use an e-mail address from the same provider as its contact to ensure that the message will be well received.

      3. For registrations to the RQI Portal, a confirmation message will be sent automatically from a private address of the RQI servers. After registering to the Portal, it is strongly recommended to check your e-mail junk folder.
    • Q2: What does RQI do with our personal data?
      1. Data collected by RQI is used for communication purposes only.

      2. Your personal data, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any other company for any reason without your consent.
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  • Complaints
    • Q1: I am an artist and I wish RQI to withdraw one or more of my musical selections, what should I do?
      Although RQI can legally broadcast all the musical selections contained in its programming, it remains open and comprehensible to authors, composers, performers and / or legal owners of musical selections who wish to have control over their creations, whether at the level of places of diffusion or reproduction.

      To request that your pieces be removed, simply contact RQI with the titles of the pieces and the name of the artist. Please also provide contact information so that RQI can validate your request.

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    • Q2: I object to certain comments made in a musical piece, what is my recourse?
      By broadcasting 100 years of music and songs from Québec, RQI is aware that some subjects may be occasionally shocking in our current cultural perspective or in our different value systems.

      Through its goals, RQI is committed in disseminating all of Québec's musical and sound heritage as historical and ethnological testimony. To do this, RQI intends to remain neutral in the face of the content of its programming. It prefers to leave to the listeners the power to relativize the values of the past and to confront them with our present values. To this end, RQI will defend the freedom of speech of the various artists and creators, whether or not it agrees with their viewpoints.

      If you would like to submit your objection, please contact RQI with the title of the piece, the name of the artist and the reason of your request.

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