Sounds of Québec


Capture the ambient sounds of Québec

Sound Panorama of Québec

«Panorama sonore du Québec» are short one minute interludes that present diverse ambients sounds of Québec (nature sounds, historical events, tourist attractions, work places, ...)

You too can record and transfer the sounds of your region or miscellaneous places you visit in Québec. In doing so, you will be automatically credited when your clip will be broadcast and your name will appear on all media players syntonized on RQI.

Required equipment

All you will need is a smartphone and the installation of a free app. You must choose an app capable of recording in High Definition (.MP3-320Kbps)/.Wav/.AIF). Many apps will give you the option to choose the sound quality of your recordings.


- Under Android : «Titanium voice recorder» / Can record in .wav format.
- Under iPhone : «Dictaphone» / Records in .aif. format.


We recommend a recording of at least ninety (90) seconds. This will allow the suppression of any indesireble sounds at the beginning and at the end of your clip.


1) Lay you phone on a sturdy surface as soon a you start recording.
2) Protect your phone from wind and avoid windy places.
3) Try to record the same sounds several times. You will then be able to submit your best recording.
4) If possible, rename your file to describe the sounds you recorded (ex.: Singing birds in Sorel)

Transfer your file

You can now send us your file at the email address below. Please add "Sound panorama of Québec" in the subject tab.

Email Address

Add the following information to your message

1) NAME : The name or nickname you wish to display (ex.: Ms. or Mr. X)
2) TITLE : The title of your file (ex.: Singing birds in Sorel)
3) PLACE : Place of your recording (ex.: Sorel, Québec)
4) DATE : Date of your recording (ex.: April 24th 2019)

N.B. RQI will send you a notice of receipt in a maximum delay of three (3) days. If you receive no message, please contact us. RQI will send you the instructions to transfer your file differently.