QSL Form


Notice of receipt for RQI listeners


Radio Québec International (RQI) offers freely to all it's listeners, the possibility to receive a post card, more comonly refered to as a QSL Card (from the Q Code, used by radio operators). Persons interested must complete and validate the reception form below.

Important notice:
1) Your personnal data will remain confidential and will not be sold or shared to any person or organisation.
2) RQI will confirm by email, the reception and validation of your form.
3) RQI will authorise only one QSL Card by listener/address annually.
4) Please allow a few weeks before receiving your card.

A few simple steps

1) Tune in to RQI with the RQI online player (click Listen to RQI1/RQI2 on our homepage).
2) Note the name of three artists/song titles and the date of the broadcast. (Example)
3) Fill out all the boxes of the reception form.

Form details

1) Name : To whom the QSL card will be sent to.
2) Email : Your email address for validation purposes.
3) Date : Date of the first artist/song noted - month/day/year (Ex.: Apr 2 2021 or 05/02/2021).
4) Channel : Channel tuned in RQI1 or RQI2.
5) Reception 1/2/3 : Artist and song title + time of the broadcast (Ex.: «Les Tallmud - Nous sommes des rêveurs / 01:53 PM»).
6) Send To : Address / Street / City / Country / Postal code.

Reception Form