RQI Player

The RQI Player is a standalone app that allows you to listen to Radio Québec International at any time on your own computer. The Graphical User Interface displays the artist name as well as the title of the current song. A history button allows you to access the list of the last artists/songs played.

You can stop or start the playback with a single button. A slider control allows you to increase or decrease the volume without affecting the audio settings of your computer. A ticker banner presents a wealth of information about RQI and its partners. You can CLICK HERE for a preview of the player and its interface.


This executable file will install the RQI Player version 2.0.3 as well as the necessary shortcuts directly on your desktop. Please note that the latest version of Flash Player (ActiveX for Internet Explorer) is required . Installation of these files is the sole responsibility of the user. Please read this WARNING before proceeding to the installation.