Broadcast Québec artists in a fair and impartial way

A showcase for your musical creations

ShowcaseRadio Québec International (RQI) offers a showcase for Québec artists so they can promote their own musical creations. RQI mainly encourages independant artists and creators (regardless of their musical genres) that are not or seldomly broadcast on maintream radio.

To this end, RQI will broadcast, free of charge, the works of authors, composers, performers or any other type of sound explorer so that they can promote their sound creations to an international audience.

Showcase offline for the summer period

N.B. The showcase will be offline from June 1st 2022 till August 29th 2022. Please note that RQI won't provide any notice of receipt nor assistance during this period. We invite you to send your files and documents at the end of August. We thank you for your understanding and wish you a safe and pleasant summer.