Virtual Studio

Thanks to its virtual studio (Sonomaton), Radio Québec International (RQI) allows you to become a presenter and record your own introductory capsules for your favorite Quebecois artists. You can also make short greetings for both provincial and international RQI listeners (see our examples). To do this, three (3) means are at your disposal :

1) Voicemail

To use RQI Voicemail, dial 438-228-3690 (toll free unless long distance charges apply). For better sound quality, RQI recommends you to call from a landline (cell phones to avoid). You will be able to dictate your message immediately after the greeting.

2) Web Audio

(N.B. Only works under Mozilla Firefox) To use the Web Audio , you must first allow access to your microphone . The system will then allow you to record a message lasting up to 15 seconds. Try to keep a distance of at least 15 cm from your microphone. When you finish, your message will be saved automatically on the RQI server.

3) Audio Files

For those who are able to record and save their own capsules, simply send us your files using our Upload application.