Thematic Programs


A programming for all tastes

Thematic Programs

Chansons QIM'ANIM

Series of interviews with french speaking singers/songwrtiters from Québec and Canada / (60 minutes)

La Comédie Québécoise

Parody, Sketches, Music, Songs and Comedy shows... Sometimes humorous, sometimes simply ridiculous / (60 minutes)

Destination Québec

The latest releases from Québec artists in this weekly musical get-together / (60 minutes)

L'effet Larsen

Punk, Metal, Hardcore... High decibels and high energy sounds... Sensitive ears restrain / (60 minutes)

Kébec Rétro

Yé-Yé, Songs, Beat, Folk, Garage, Psychedelic... 60's music from all decades / (180 minutes)

Panorama sonore du Québec

Interludes presenting the ambient sounds of Québec. Multiple daily broadcasts / (60 seconds)

Québec Classique

The philharmonic hangout of classical music... Composed and/or performed by Québec artists / (60 minutes)

Shellac et Bakélite

The first sound recordings made in Québec engraved in shellac and bakelite 78's / (60 minutes)

Universo Musical

A musical extravaganza of Québec Jazz, Lounge, and World Music / (180 minutes)

La Voûte Singulière

New-Wave, Electronic, Ambient, IDM... Captivating sound explorations and experiments / (60 minutes)

Vus depuis la France

Biographical and musical presentations of Québec artists as seen by the public of France / (5 to 15 minutes)