Thematic Programs


A programming for all tastes

Thematic Programs

Chansons QIM'ANIM

Interviews with french speaking singers/songwrtiters from Québec and Canada.

La Comédie Québécoise

Parody, Sketches, Music, Songs and Comedy shows... Sometimes humorous, sometimes simply ridiculous.

L'effet Larsen

Punk, Metal, Hardcore... High decibels and high energy sounds... Sensitive ears restrain.

En Primeur

Biographical and musical presentations of new artists premiering on RQI.

Kébec Rétro

Yé-Yé, Songs, Beat, Folk, Garage, Psychedelic... From the sixties till now.

Panorama sonore du Québec

One minute interludes presenting the ambient sounds of Québec. Multiple daily broadcasts.

Québec Classique

The philharmonic hangout of classical music... Composed and/or performed by Québec artists.

Shellac et Bakélite

The first sound recordings made in Québec engraved in shellac and bakelite 78's.

Universo Musical

Three hours of Jazz, Blues, Lounge, World Music and entrancing rythms.

La Voûte Singulière

New-Wave, Electronic, Ambient, IDM... Captivating sound explorations and experiments.