Promote Québec's culture to an international audience

Our Goals

RQIRadio Québec International (RQI) is an Internet radio station (webradio) put online in the summer of 2016. Its goals are to promote and broadcast the artists of Québec who contributed in sound, words and music to our universal musical heritage. Far from being a Top 40 station, RQI seeks thru its programming, not only to entertain, but also introduce its listeners to a wide variety of musical styles and sound creations too often forgotten in our collective memory.

To this end, RQI will broadcast all of Québec's artists and creators (well known and unheralded) who have made a career in Québec and abroad. Moreover, in order to support and promote this burgeoning culture, RQI will also grant an important place to Québec's emerging artists.

An inclusive approach

Radio Québec International favors an inclusive approach that reflects the diversity and real creative potential of all Quebeckers, regardless of gender, language or ethnic origin.

...Et les humains sont de ma race. (Vigneault)