QSL Cards


Notice of receipt for RQI listeners

QSL Contest

IMPORTANT: RQI will ignore all QSL demands by email or instant messages.

Radio Québec International (RQI) offers to all it's listeners, the possibility to participate in a contest in which they will have the chance to receive a post card, more commonly refered to as a QSL Card (from the Q Code, used by radio operators). The contest consists of identifing an audio access code to complete an online reception form. These codes are broadcast randomly in RQI's regular programming (minimum 4 to 6 times a day).


To identify the access code

Before you start, get yourself a pen and some paper. You will need it!

  1. Tune in to RQI with the RQI online player (click Listen to RQI1/RQI2 on our homepage).
  2. Wait for the broadcast of a station identification message containing the letters CQDX in morse code transmission which will be followed by a 5 letter access code (Audio Example) from the NATO phonetic alphabet (See Alphabet).
  3. Note carefully the time and the date as displayed on the RQI server (See Example).
  4. Enter the access code (in CAPITAL letters) in the space below to access the online reception form.

N.B. The Access Code is single use and will be changed on reception of a valid QSL form (so first come, first served). RQI will ignore all subsequent demands that use the same access code. You will have to start over and get a new access code.